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Nestor's campaign is fueled by working people like you!
Every donation gets us one step closer to city hall.

I’m Néstor Castillo.

I’m an organizer, lecturer, and democratic socialist.

I'm running for Hayward City Council.

I am asking for Hayward to join me in prioritizing public health, fighting against the climate emergency, ending the homelessness crisis and combating rising rents, winning higher wages for Hayward’s working families, and building a better, more vibrant Hayward for all.

Like many families, my parents left war-torn El Salvador in search of a better life. Through their hard work and sacrifice, I was able to grow up in the East Bay, attend San Francisco State University, and graduate with a Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley. After college, I had the privilege of honoring my parents' struggle by working directly with anti-mining activists in El Salvador as the Bay Area chapter coordinator for the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES). Inspired by the social movements in El Salvador, I began working in the San Francisco Labor Movement as an organizer for IFPTE Local 21 and SEIU Local 87. Since 2014, I have been teaching courses that focus on the Latinx community at San Francisco State University and most recently at Cal State East Bay.  I am a member of our union, the California Faculty Association, and served on the executive board for San Francisco State University.

Since 2017, I have served as the vice-chair of the Alameda County Public Health Commission. The Public Health Commission represents Alameda County's 1.7 million residents with the goal of promoting health equity and improving population health. I served on the committee that formed the Eden Area Municipal Advisory Council, which brought local representation to parts of Unincorporated Hayward. In 2019, I began organizing the Eden Community Land Trust in an effort to preserve housing affordability and to bring public land under community control. The Eden Community Land Trust serves the city of Hayward and the unincorporated communities of Cherryland and Hayward Acres. 

My experiences as a child of immigrants, a public health practitioner, an educator, and a community advocate has led me to serve my community in a new capacity. I am running for Hayward City Council because we need to confront the issues that are putting our future in danger and to bring forward a bold new vision for the good of all Hayward residents.

Nestor's campaign is fueled by working people like you!
Every donation gets us one step closer to city hall.